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it will be ok [Jun. 28th, 2012|09:46 pm]
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Ok so money is REALLY tight right now and I'm just making ends meet. But get through this month and it will be ok. I've paid off my holiday and a small chunk of my overdraft too. I've got food for the rest of the month sorted and most (most) of my major bills are now paid. I'm trying to manage my bank account better too.
Your job does suck but just stick it out until you go on holiday or until about September and then you can start searching for a new one or Making plans for something better then this. I wish life was easier then this.
I just feel a bit stuck,bit bored.
I need to make positive changes in my life. I've started to bring my weight down very slowly. Today I got my hair cut so it looks nice and tidy. Yes job hunting is really hard and quite depressing. You just have to find something which makes you happy. Easier said then done I know.
Ergghh why I did start writing down what I was thinking? Now I'm depressed because of how much I hate my job which isn't making it any easier to stick it out.
My ideal job would involve either Christmas, japan, traveling, Disneyland or animals.  I do regret not going to Japan this year to teach but I got to scared to go alone and I couldn't bring myself to leave Jay and so here I am. I made the right choice and I only regret it in the way that I'm stuck doing an ordinary and boring job. More then anything I want to do a job worth doing. Job satisfaction!
I will figure this out. I will find a way to make my life feel more complete.
Although in the mean time I think I'm coming down with something and I should probably fight that off first.