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havent updated in a while [Jan. 11th, 2013|11:07 am]
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well hello,welcome to 2013 and all that jazz.
Well I am enjoying this lovely sunny day but I am a bit concerned about the guy across the road on my neighbours roof, they have had a house extension done and he seems to be sorting something but if he falls it will not end well,so im just a bit distracted while typing this as I am waiting to see if he dies in a nutshell.
Its very hard not to keep watching him,which I know is morbid.
Anyway JESS concentrate, he's not going any ware it's fine.
So 2012 has gone by and it was o.k, I went to Mexico for just under two weeks and it was alright but I did get bored and badly sunburnt and collapsed from heat exhaustion ware my body couldn't regulate the heat properly but after fainting and then sitting in the shower for a bit I was o.k. The next day I did walk funny because my legs were so red that bending my knees hurt, so walking like a pirate with two peg legs was in order. Also shoes hurt because they general required securing around the ankles which meant bending and applying pressure against my legs in some way or other and my ankles were slightly swollen so shoes were not good,meaning at least one day was spent in our room with room services and our pool which was connected to our sliding doors, yes we had a pool which joined our own mini patio bit it was lovely in that way.
But other then Mexico 2012 was boring and uneventful. While we were away Sniff went missing and has been missing ever since. This makes me sad as it means I haven't seen him since September and this is kind of heartbreaking.
Jay asked me to marry him and I said Yes :) so that was cool and ended 2012 quite nicely but mr sniff, he doesn't know his humans are getting hitched. He needs to come home to celebrate with us. Really miss him.
(update on man on roof,he's still on the roof and appears to be doing fine so far still waiting for the death part)
Anyway so 2012 was boring,flat and mostly stress filled when it comes to work.
Work side of things,still at LV and things have setelled down a bit so that's good as I need the money and they pay well and I can't be assed to move while having to save for a wedding.
So shall we move on because all this talk of the crap year that was 2012 has depressed me.
2013 well what are your goals I hear you say?
Well firstly to shift some of this damn weight. I am a fat piggy again! I am back at the fattest I have ever been surprise surprise we all saw THAT coming) and so now I really need to actually do something as it is not pretty and is ruining alot of things for me.
(omg the man is very gingerly walking to the ladder >< I have my mobile in my hand......no it's ok he made it down fine....well that was anti climatic)
anyway so yes I really need to get this under control as I don't want to be a fat bride,who does right? I just got comfortable that was all and sometimes you just get so sick of talking diet and thinking diet and doing "healthy eating" and so I took a break. A long break and wrecked ALL of my hard work so here I am again back at square one.
Anyway no point mopping just have to get on which it.
So...anything else?
No not really.
2013 sees me and jay reach our 5 year anniversary in May which is amazing! By the time we get married we will have been together 7 years.
Anything else?
No ok god damn it! I'm boring,I'm fat, down a cat and feel like a nap. That is my life!
No not quite that bad well actually yes but you know. I just feel like this is the year of change. I can change. I've alrady cut down on my chocolate and crisps and I don't really crave that any more which is good.
I just need to get my money under control so I can do LOTS of saving for this lovely fancy wedding which will now be taking place abroad :)
Oh and i need to rebook my dentist appointment again (don't ask) and an opticians appointment as rather stupidly (yes you can laugh at this next bit,everyone else has got a bit of a kick out of it) I mistook a fox cub for a large cat the other morning (it was dark!) umm but he was sat under a lamp post and i made that noise all humans do when they want a cat to come nearer ware you purse your lips together and it worked he did come closer and then when he was about 5-6 meters away I realised my mistake and swiftly started walking away and I think the fox probably darted in to the garden next to the path so it ended well for both parties but in a nutshell I did mistake a fox for a cat so I do need to get my eyes tested again >< and I want contact lenses anyway so meh.
Anyway better get ready to go meet mum for lunch :)